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                             4pH2 REVIOX THERAPY
(Excerpts and Rational From The 4-Phase Treatment Protocol)
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It doesn’t take a PhD to appreciate that each of the many alternative therapies investigated appear to have their own particular merits in a comprehensive treatment of cancer.  While some function by providing a focused remission of tumors, others strengthen the immune system, destroy pathogens, provide detoxification, correct dietary deficiencies, invigorate cellular metabolism, normalize the electrolytic balance, relieve pain and decongest the lymphatic system.  

Logically the best approach for a highly effective cancer treatment would be to combine several, of these natural and complimentary therapies in a multifaceted, synergistic protocol that addresses all the symptoms and underlying causes simultaneously or in some logical sequence of treatment steps.  If we are ever going to cure this disease, we must use the common sense that God supplied us with in an attitude of humility, and learn to work within the bodies normal biochemistry to do nothing more than augment its natural healing capabilities.  It is after all the height of humanistic arrogance to suggest that any artificial concoction of patented poisons will ever provide a “silver bullet” cure for cancer.

I think we would all have to agree that a state of crisis justifies urgent measures, even if they do not happen to conform to existing regulations.  It would not for instance be proper to let a person drown simply because the access route to perform the rescue was posted with a no trespassing sign by some control freak bureaucrat with a self-righteous, legalistic attitude.  The higher moral principle of preserving life must prevail over the dictatorial edicts of arrogant, power mongering medicrats of the allopathic monopoly.  

Quite frankly, knowing what I have discovered these past five years, I would not under any circumstance submit myself to the traditional chemo, radiation and mutilating surgery offered by “modern” oncology, which universally debilitates the bodies immune system killing a myriad of healthy cells in the process.  This is an entirely illogical approach for which 20th century medicine will be dully ridiculed in the history books as a “dark age” of medicine and categorized with other primitive unscientific nonsense such as blood letting.   Considering that it took decades for persecuted independent thinkers to convince physicians to wash their  hands before performing surgery, I wouldn’t expect them to be too progressive here either.  The hearts of  arrogant men haven't changed much over the centuries.

The mountain of historical evidence would indicate that the entire cancer industry, particularily its regulators, has become a fundamentally corrupt "empire" despite the altruistic intentions of many of its brainwashed practitioners and the great PR job they manage to do on the unsuspecting public.   It is not however my prime objective to expose and lay waste to the corrupt medical industry.  My first purpose has been to equip you with a more thorough knowledge of cancer and the many alternatives treatments that are worthy of your consideration.    Live long and prosper. 

The suggested protocol consists of a veritable buffet of non-toxic remedies that are believed to be very effective based on a variety of clinical results, testimonials and some personal investigations.  Nearly all of the necessary medicinal agents are in fact natural substances or health supplements and can be acquired without medical approval, for personal use.

Despite the abundance of options available, a very effective treatment protocol can be put together using less than a dozen distinct remedies.  It would be best to include a good cross-section of alternatives to ensure that all the apparent causes of cancer are addressed within the four phases of treatment.   Apart from exhaustive diagnostic testing it would be very difficult to pinpoint any particular problem with any precision, so it is advisable to err on the side of caution and cover all the bases. 

Hopefully, the power brokers of the allopathic monopoly will eventually find their lost humility and begin to embrace some of these ideas and begin cooperating with the necessary diagnostics.  This would permit a more focused approach to determine specific problems that may be corrected with a more targeted treatment requiring very few remedial measures, but for the moment that does not appear practical apart from lots of humble cooperation from your personal physician.  

Presumably the more synergistic remedies you employ - without overdoing it - the better your chances of correcting the underlying causes and seeing a full and enduring recovery.   Certainly do not attempt to try everything suggested. The substantial list of ideas is only meant to provide you with lots of options for each phase of treatment and to broaden your perspective on the subtle complexities of the disease. 

Again, a realistic treatment protocol need not be very complicated or expensive.  As an example of one possible treatment regime, I have provided a detailed protocol in Appendix A (of the book) for your consideration.  By way of distinctive labeling this protocol and its subtle variants is referred to as 4pH
2 REVIOX in recognition of the fact the it is a four phase, high pH therapy providing detox, revitalization dehydrogenation and enhanced cellular oxygenation.  

Do keep in mind that toxicity is always a matter of degrees.  Everything including oxygen and water can eventually lead to toxicity, if taken in large enough amounts.  The dosages stated are only a rough guideline extracted from the source documentation and are believed to be well below any known toxicity levels, but should not necessarily be presumed safe for every individual.  Medicinal interactions and allergic reactions are virtually impossible to anticipate apart from individual testing.  My goodness, people even die from eating peanut butter nowadays.

On that note, the contemporary emergence of a wide array of allergies would indicate that our chronically toxic environment, and the conflagrations of artificial and toxic substances in many drugs (including allergy medicines) are doing us a lot of indeterminate harm.   It is a safe bet that mankind has never invented any artificial compound that is ultimately beneficial to life.  To presume otherwise is simply a slap in the face to God.

For brevity, the treatment protocol is broken down to four not so distinct phases that will overlap to a large extent and may begin to yield noticeable improvements within a few short days, particularly during the focused intervention phase.  The treatment protocol begins with a  detoxification phase and general revitalization involving an ongoing regime of improved nutrition, metabolic improvement and elimination of toxins by various means to establish a healthier launch pad for the intervention phase.

The intervention phase is then starting by utilizing more aggressive approaches such as High pH therapy.  The high buffering capacity of CsCl should eliminate the pain associated with acid leeching from the tumors within a few days and help to jump start aerobic metabolism.  The intention of intervention treatments is to provide a precision counter attack against tumors and individual cancer cells without the usual negative side affects of chemotherapy and radiation which kills many healthy cells as well.

The recovery phase then follows on the heals of the intervention treatments, consisting of a gradual reduction in the intense doses of intervention, moving to a more subtle, long term approach that brings full recovery and rejuvenation of affected tissues and organs.  On completion, the recovery phase transitions to an ongoing maintenance and prevention regime that is intended to ensure that the patient remains free of the ailments that caused the disease in the first place.  As usual an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure.  

Ideally these remedies should be taken under the supervision of your personal physician; preferably a reputable alternative medical practitioner.  Keep in mind that your traditional allopathic doctor is generally a brainwashed, straight-jacketed disciple of official medicine, particularly the pharmaceutical cartel.  He is therefore unlikely to be supportive and would in fact be risking his medical license by participating in "unapproved" treatments.  His presumed objectivity and the extent of his fundamental knowledge is also questionable at best.

Do not under any circumstances be intimidated by condescending denouncements based in “know it all” arrogance.  Despite their many years of education and indoctrination, the average doctor knows a little bit about everything and not much about anything, so you can very quickly eclipse his level of expertise in any specific medical subject even though you may not have a good command of all the fancy Greek and Latin lingo.

If you need further evidence of the allopathic physician’s frailties and superficial knowledge read a book such as Dr Berger’s insider report on What Your Doctor Didn’t Learn In Medical School.  Again, to be fair, I am not suggesting that all doctors can be painted with the same brush, but the medical profession has become so terribly complicated that there is no way any doctor can hope to stay on top of things, no matter how conscientious he may be.  A doctor with some measure of spiritual depth is certainly apt to be more conducive to giving something new and predominantly natural a fair try.

Phase 1: Detox and Revitalization

Detox and revitalization go hand in hand in most cases, consisting of a lengthy list of options to rid the body and its immediate environment of all manner of pathogens and toxins while also providing general revitalization of bodily functions including the immune system.   The overall intent is to remove potential sources of stress and irritation and to provide better nutrition and improved metabolism, particularly cellular respiration. 

There are a wide array of available remedies, natural supplements and other measures that could be included in a comprehensive detox and revitalization regime, a few of which are listed below.   It only stands to reason that the more you do to improve your health, the better off you’ll be.   Confine yourself to approaches with some demonstrable track record and clearly defined therapeutic value that can be fitted logically into one of the phases of treatment.  

Environmental Measures
If you presently reside in a polluted environment it would be best to move elsewhere for your recovery if practical.  Failing that, the internal home environment can be improved dramatically with a thorough cleaning and ongoing air filtration using portable HEPA filters to keep fungal spores and other air born pathogens under control. Avoiding exposure to chemical cleaners, insect sprays, fragrances, tobacco smoke and other synthetic materials that release toxic chemical vapors and dust.  Tight restrictive clothing deters good circulation and oxygenation and should be avoided.  Drinking fluoridated water is not advisable as it tends to deactivate magnesium which is necessary for cell repiration...

Physical Therapies:
There are a variety of physical therapies that can be used to revitalize the body and give cancer cells a hard time. Regular exercise is obviously good, especially routines employing a lot of flexing and acceleration, which helps to loosen the congested lymphatic system and encourage circulation and oxygenation in the organs of elimination and storage including for instance the breasts.   Cancer cells are also susceptable to temperatures above 40 °C due to their elevated anaerobic metabolism, while normal cells remain healthy.

Cleansing Fasts:
A cleansing fast is one of your best options for rapidly improving health and speeding you down the road to recovery.   A day of liquids only fasting should also be done on weekly basis throughout the treatment process to ensure on an ongoing regime of regular cleansing and removal of fungal growths from the digestive tract.  

Diet and Healing Foods:
The positive influence of good nutrition should be an obvious factor in beating cancer.  Artificial, highly processed food sources are always inferior to those, which are provided by nature. One should try to eat as much natural food in its raw uncooked state as possible, preferably from an organic source that applies responsible principles of agronomy.  There are a wide variety of herbal supplements that can be utilized to compensate for nutritional deficiencies and to help promote a natural state of balance.  Essiac tea, Flor-Essence, Ginseng and Bee Pollen are just a few examples.

Acidic foods should be generally avoided by a cancer patient since they are already battling with high acidity. Refined sugars and carbs should be strictly avoided to prevent blood acidosis and oxygen starvation of the cells.  The presence of so many refined carbohydrates in the western diet is a major contributor to the high incidence of cancer.  Foods high in organic sulphur such as garlic, onions, chives, leeks, asparagus and shallots should be consumed regularly to help rid the body of fungal infections and support metabolic enzyme function.  The much lower incidence of cancer in cultures where foods like garlic and onions are liberally consumed supports these assertion.

Electrolytes and Primary Minerals:
Next to improved oxygenation at the cellular level, Electrolytes are probably the most important in the effective treatment of cancer and the two factors are actually very closely related. The main electrolytes sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium in particular are consequently considered separate from the other minerals because of the relatively large quantities in the body and their all-encompassing functions. 
Sodium intake tends to be rather excessive in western culture but one should keep in mind that it is very essential to good health despite the bad rap that it gets from the medical profession.  

Vitamins and Trace Minerals:
A good source of vitamins and minerals including trace elements is essential to good health, proper metabolism and cell development.  Historically our foods contained a much higher concentration of vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients, but the abuses of modern intensive agronomy have caused a steady decline in soil nutrients over the last century.  Vitamin and mineral supplements are therefore necessary to some extent.   Vitamins A, C and E in particular have been shown to have significant anti-tumor value.  Essential trace minerals and other micronutrients such as Selinium, Zinc, copper, manganese and iodine are also highly regarded in the treatment of cancer.... 

Oxygenation & Metabolic Aids:
Improved oxygenation at the cellular level is the most desirable avenue for improving aerobic metabolism by supporting oxidative energy production, removing metabolic wastes, buffering cell pH, killing cancer cells and destroying all manner of anaerobic pathogen.  Organic germanium, sulphur containing foods and liquid oxygen supplements would appear to be good choices here.   Again these are but a few examples of the list of options provide in the book.

Phase 2: Focused Tumour Intervention

In many cases rigorous application of Phase 1, detox and revitalization will be all that is necessary to beat your cancer since it appears to address all the underlying causes as a matter of course.  In such cases one can proceed directly to phase 3 and 4 recovery and maintenance. 

In more advanced cases with significant tumor development, organ invasion and advanced cachexia, a more aggressive intervention treatment phase is probably called for.  If significant invasion of organs has already occurred preference should be given to those treatments which promote redifferentiation of the dedifferentiated cancerous organ cells back to the normal healthy state of the affected organ.

Focused intervention against tumors is best started after some improvement in health is apparent from the first phase of treatment but again this is a matter of personal choice that would depend on how dire your circumstances are.  With a very poor prognosis and facing death in the near term, a more aggressive approach might be advisable in terms of using precious time wisely.  Being too aggressive with your treatment is not generally advisable due to the prospect of overloading the organs of toxic elimination, which may already be stressed or somewhat debilitated by tumor invasion.

What your going to do in this phase is drop a few smart bombs that will seek out and destroy the cancer cells without catching healthier tissue in the crossfire, the major downside of all conventional therapies.   We also want to take a lot of prisoners and get them back under the bodies central control mechanism so that they can again become model citizens, so to speak. 

Do not attempt too many aggressive therapies simultaneously and especially be careful about using more than one approach at a time that is directed at the same underlying condition such as electrolyte imbalance.  Preparation of these various therapies may require the acquisition of a small electronic scale. 

A sampling of  Phase 2 intervention therapies include high doses of Cesium Chloride, Potassium Bicarbonate,  Potassium Ascorbate, Organic Germanium, Artemisinine, Dimethylsulfoxide and many other options.  Hydrazine Sulphate could also be used to quickly arrest the wasting process of cachexia and rapid tumor growth if that is an issue in the case of late stage cancers.  Purchace the Ebook for full details, protocols and sources.

Phase 3: Recovery and Repair

After several weeks to months in the intervention phase, depending on the severity of the cancer and the modes of intervention, the tumors should have largely disappeared and aggressive intervention can be gradually tapered off and discontinued.  The recovery phase allows the longer term recovery and tissue repair processes to continue, facilitated by the bodies natural healing abilities, supported with an ongoing regime of more relaxed remedial measures. 

Any high dosage vitamin and mineral supplements taken in conjunction with intervention therapies can also be cut back to the normal daily recommendation for normal health maintenance.  Suddenly stopping any intervention treatments should be avoided to reduce shocks to the system.  Continue using sea salt for all its important electrolytes and blood serum minerals.....

It would probably be advisable to continue taking Essiac or Flor-Esence once a day, and DMSO as recommended in the intervention phase. Also continue with your other herbal supplements to ensure a continued supplied of critical micro-nutrients, enzymes, anti-fungal support, detox and other benefits. If you opted for the 714X therapy, as an intervention therapy it should probably be continued through to the completion of the Recovery phase.....

A weekly day of liquids only fasting is probably advisable throughout recovery as an aid in sustaining detox and giving the body regular break from the energy intensive processes of digestion, freeing up resources to expedite organ and tissue repair.  Also continue with a variety of other detox and revitalization strategies on a more relaxed basis, slowly tapering off to the minimal requirements of the maintenance and prevention phase, which should ideally be continue indefinitely. 

Maintaining good nutritional habits goes without saying.  Continue to avoid refined sugars and carbohydrates quite religiously until you have fully recovered, and then only in moderation.  Ensure your getting adequate quality protein for the reconstruction and rejuvenation of tissues. Drink lots of un-fluoridated spring or mineral water to keep your self well hydrated and flushed out.  Consult the extensive list of options in the REVIOX therapy contained in the appendix of Cancer Cures & Cover-ups.

Phase 4: Maintenance and Prevention

Being healthy is not merely the absence of disease symptoms as conventional allopathic medicine would have us believe.  Despite the rapid disappearance of tumors that may occur under this treatment regime, the cancer may only be in a state of temporary remission, waiting for its next opportunity to advance, when the body’s defenses are again lowered.   To ensure the various lines of defense remain strong enough to ward of a recurrence a relaxed maintenance phase should be continued indefinitely. 

While this may not have been necessary in earlier periods of human history the growing prevalence of chemical toxins, highly processed foods lacking essential nutrients, nutrient exhausted soils, UV radiation from Ozone depletion, all pervasive electromagnetic noise, world travel, elevated stress, etc. dictates a more decisive regime of prevention.

Maintain a balanced diet and take a high quality multivitamin and mineral supplement to ensure complete nutrition.  Cutting down on your refined sugar consumption is very advisable. Too much refined sugar tends to produce acidosis of the blood with all its attendant problems including diminished oxygen and faltering metabolism.

A natural sea salt or a sodium reduced version (if that is a legitimate concern) such as the SOLO brand is probably the most simple and effective means of maintaining a healthy electrolytic balance rich in potassium, magnesium and many other essential minerals and micronutrients that will help keep your electrolytes, metabolism, cellular respiration, body fluid pH and so on normalized.  

Do avoid exposure to numerous substances that have been identified as being carcinogenic including strong chemicals in hygiene products. Getting enough fresh air and exercise and reducing your exposure to airborne fungal spores, toxic chemicals and excessive radiation of any form goes without saying.

Again, for full details and extensive list of resources purchase your copy of Cancer Cures & Cover-ups    so that you can put together your own personal four phase treatment protocol to address all the  underlying causes of cancer.

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