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The "War On Cancer" is lost - doomed from the beginning actually.  The new book by Mark Porringa is a sobering reality check of all that is wrong with modern Oncology, particularly its ludicrous obsession with terribly inadequate conventional treatments sarcastically known as the "slash, burn and poison" trio (radiation, chemotherapy and debilitating surgery).  A growing chorus of high profile critics now advocate approaches which naturally correct the underlying causes, rather than merely suppressing the symptoms with great bravado and violence.

Cancer Cures & Cover-ups provides a riveting synopsis of numerous suppressed therapies  that have fallen prey to a disturbing quagmire of corporate greed, intellectual arrogance and politics at its worst, primarily expedited by Big Pharma's control of dimwit government regulators, and the  machinery of "techno-medicine" spinning out of control.

The captivating read culminates with a integrated theory of cancer and a logical approach to treatment including a multifaceted, phased treatment protocol for clinical refinement or self treatment.   Much of this information is available nowhere else on the planet, resulting from many years of research from a very unique and unbiased perspective. 

To treat cancer effectively one needs to follow a comprehensive treatment regime involving:

>  Cellular detox to remove toxins and chemicals from the cell wall and ion channels.
>  Parasitic cleansing to reduce irritation of the tissues and taxing of the repair of injury process.
>  Improved nutrition to address critical deficiencies and eliminate acidic junk foods.
>  Electrolytic buffering to reverse acidosis, balance electrolytes, relieve pain and improve vitality.
>  Metabolic revitalization to halt chronic anaerobic metabolism in lactic acid traumatized cells.
>  Growth hormone regulation to eliminate localized concentrations of fungal growth hormones.
>  Enhanced oxygenation at the intercellular level to augment energy production.
>  Invigorated Immunity to destroy fungal pathogens, remove dead cells and waste products. 
>  Flushing the lymph to remove toxic build up and provide rapid removal of wastes.
>  Tumor Remission to halt cachexia, dipatch cancerous cells and shrink tumors.
>  Tissue rejuvenation to redifferentiate damaged cells and repair invaded tissues and organs. 

....and other focused approaches.

All of these body friendly corrective measures can be accomplished naturally without any expensive or toxic pharmaceuticals, using a variety of simple remedies such as those advocated in our comprehensive REVIOX™ treatment protocol.  This broad spectrum, self treatment regime also includes clinically proven intervention therapies to reverse the wasting process of cachexia and provide effective pain relief.

The interactive Ebook is packed with life saving information including active links to hard to find resources and suppliers as well as a unique decision matrix to help you make informed, timely choices on your treatment without getting swamped by information overload and analysis paralysis. Personal Consultation is available if so desired.

Cancer Cures and Cover-ups is available for a limited time at the special introductory price of just
$19.95.  Order your copy today for immediate download.  Comes with an 8 week money back guarantee if we fail to provide compelling and totally unique information on how to cure cancer naturally.  

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