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Alternative Cancer Treatment Coaching

Would you like to try a natural approach to healing outside the confines of conventional pill pushing medicine with all it superficial focus on suppressing symptoms rather than providing real cures?    Modern oncology is probably the worst of the worst in this respect.  Conventional triage mentality treatments such as chemo, radiation and  debilitating surgery have absolutely no long term survival value, because they do not address any of the underlying causes of cancer.  

Natural remedies are certainly the most appealing, but it's too easy to get confused about  the myriad of options out there. To help avoid analysis paralysis,  let us help you negotiate the maize and quickly assemble a comprehensive self treatment protocol entirely composed of readily available, natural based remedies that will help you along the road to full recovery by addressing all the evident causes of the disease.  Cancer is essentially a degenerative disease caused by a complex array of chronic ailments, environmental toxins and nutritional deficiencies and less than stellar health habits.

A comprehensive treatment for cancer must provide:

> Detoxification down to the cellular level to remove toxins that interfere with life processes.
> Cleansing of intestinal parasites, opportunistic fungal growth and other chronic tissue irritants.
> Regulation of growth hormones to prevent uncontrolled cell division.
> Revitalization of the immune system to combat and remove pathogens and waste products.
> Flushing of the congested lymphatic system to remove accumulating congealed toxins.
> Improved diet and nutrient assimilation to ensure adequate nutrition and reduced sugar intake.
> Buffering of body fluids to eliminate acidosis and reestablish proper balance of electrolytes.
> Relief of pain primarily associated with acids and toxins leaching from tumors.
> Elimination of chronic anaerobic metabolism in cancer cells and improved cellular oxgenation.
> Remission of tumors and repair of affected tissues primarily via redifferentiation of cancer cells.

Please be advised that we do not offer the services of a conventional doctor.  Our approach is simply to help make you aware of the natural alternative remedies available, and to provide the tools by which you can make an informed and timely choice about what self treatment options are best suited to your situation. 

Any remedies selected are at your completely voluntary discretion and should be taken under the supervision of a qualified Physician, preferably a Naturopath or other holistic medicine practitioner. Helpful assistance from a conventional Oncologist should not be anticipated.  Opposition based in "know it all" arrogance is more likely to be the case.


Beta Glucans

Cesium Chloride
Chelation therapy
Co-enzyme Q10
Enzyme therapy

Haelan 951
Hoxsey therapy
Hulda Clark
Hydrazine Sulfate

Lymphotonic PF2
Organic Germanium
Poly MVA

Rife technology

Shark cartilage
Tian xian

Transfer Factor+

Wigmore therapy

& many more....

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