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Our Clickbank affiliate program is intended to help spread the word by offering generous 50%commisions on  referals sales of the new Ebook entitled Cancer Cures and Cover-ups by Mark Porringa.   Refer to for further information on how to sign up as an affiliate or add this ebook to your list of products for promotion through your own website or blog.

Porringa's new book is a sobering reality check of the abuses and nonsense of modern oncology.   A  growing chorus of high profile critics advocate approaches which correct the underlying causes, rather than merely suppressing the symptoms with great bravodo and violence.  Conventional toxic treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation constitute a direct defiance of the Hypocratic oath to "first do no harm".   In addtition to being very toxic and expensive they have no demonstrable survival value whatsoever.           
We also welcome the participation of anyone wishing to help out with the cause.  Details on these various opportunities are available on request.
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