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Given that alternative cancer treatments get very little coverage from the gagged popular press and conventional allopathic medicine, there are bound to be lots of questions.  Here we will be posting a growing list of answers to some fundamental and critical aspects of alternative treatment options.  

Why are alternative cancer treatments not reported in the popular press or used by Oncologists?

The bottom line is that the popular media is controlled by big-pharma and big-medicine. There has been a standing agreement (gag order) between the AMA and the media hacks (UPI & AP) since about 1944, which effectively prevents the publication of any significant medical news or treatments that are not "approved" by the American Medical Association.  This conspiracy to censor medical news and treatment breakthroughs was exposed in legal testimony before the Veteran Affairs Committee around 1956.   This clearly illegal censorship of the "free" press remains in effect to this day, and seems to have gotten even worse through the intervening decades.

Why are conventional cancer treatments so ineffective?

Despite all the glitzy hi-tech bravado and exorbitant expense of "modern" oncology, conventional treatments like chemo, radiation and debilitating surgery do absolutely nothing to correct the underlying causes of cancer.  Admittedly the causes are fairly complex, but evidently quite easy to correct if the medical profession could find an ounce of humility and start adopting more holistic approaches rather than the same old "slash, burn and poison" triage style nonsense.

If chemo, radiation and surgery are  so ineffective, why do they continue?

The historical evidence clearly shows that conventional cancer treatments have no demonstrable survival value in the long term. They are, however,  very lucrative with a typical price tag of about $250,000 or much more and they may extend life a little bit by setting back the progress of the disease for a short period.  The "quick fix" mentality of Joe Public is also a factor.  Blasting the hell out of tumor only seems appropriate, but lamentably, very short sighted.  Pharmaceutical companies and practitioners are making boat loads of cash from this nonsense so the prospect of actually curing the disease with a couple hundred bucks worth of natural remedies provides no incentive for change.  The bottom line is greed and arrogance. 

With so many alternatives to choose from, how does one decide what to use?

The best approach is to gain a good basic understanding of all the contributing causes of cancer and then make a point of selecting a variety of reputable remedies that address these ailments in a comprehensive manner.  An effective treatment protocol should address key deficiencies, provide detox, parasitic cleansing, buffer acidosis, fire up aerobic metabolism, boost immunity, balance electrolytes, regulate growth hormones,  enhance cellular oxygen uptake, shrink tumors and repair damaged tissues (and so on).  All of these issues can be rectified with a fairly short list of natural and inexpensive remedies such as suggested in our 4pH2 Reviox treatment protocol.

Stay Tuned as we add more answers to your questions.....

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