Political and Economic Corruption of Healthcare
(Excerpts From The New Book by Mark Porringa)                    
(The Sad State of Health Care)

    “Considering the sad history of monopolies, one can only conclude that the Cancer Industry does
          not want to find a cure for cancer.  Profiteering from cancer is just the tip of the iceberg”
                                                                                                                               ~Ronald Gdanski

It is no stretch of the imagination to suggest that politically powerful, materialistic organizations such as the Pharmaceutical Industry, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), AMA (American Medical Association), NIH (National Institute of Health), NCI (National Cancer Institute), ACS (American Cancer Society), and their numerous affiliates are chiefly responsible for the escalating cancer epidemic that each year claims the lives of over 500,000 North Americans.  Their corporate responsibility in this human tragedy stems from the dismal failure of the conventional treatments they arrogantly choose to collectively promote, to the effective exclusion of all other approaches.  

Despite their pretensions of acting in the best interests of the public, such organizations actually have a vested interest in maintaining the hopelessly ineffective, status quo, triage mentality cancer treatments.  Derogatorily referred to as the, “slash, burn and poison” trio, conventional treatments are encountering escalating opposition from a growing chorus of informed critics advocating a more holistic approach that actually addresses the causes of cancer, rather than merely suppressing the symptoms at great expense.  Sadly, cancer research and its treatment using chemo, radiation and surgery has become a very lucrative business despite the dismal success rate, which indicates that far fewer than 10% of patients show results that endure more than 5 years.

The dismal failure of conventional cancer treatments is not the least bit surprising given that they do absolutely nothing to correct the underlying causes of cancer and as such will never be effective cures - a fact generally acknowledged by most Oncologists.    Indeed, surveys indicate that fully 80% of cancer specialists would not follow their own treatment protocols knowing first hand how very ineffective and debilitating they can be, so why do we support them?  The painfully honest ones will even admit that such treatments are merely stop-gap measures of entirely dubious benefit. 

Technological trappings, glitzy diagnostics and hi-brow nomenclature aside, conventional treatment methods are basically very primitive in comparison to most of the holistic alternatives described herein, very often exacting more damage than good, in direct contravention of the medical practitioners Hippocratic oath to “First, Do No Harm”.  Such triage methods, inappropriately adopted from the trauma wards of military campaigns show a blatant disregard for the vast complexities of the human organism.   In any event, their very poor track record is obvious to everyone, yet they remain the only real option offered to the public, who are treated like mushrooms; kept in the dark and fed sterilized horse manure.  Twentieth century oncology is bound to go down in the history books as yet another dark age of medicine.

Since the US government declared war on Cancer in 1975, total research expenditures now far exceeding 200 Billion dollars have been poured into this sinkhole, which has yet to produce anything compelling in the way of a cure.  Hundreds of experimental drugs, often derived from highly toxic industrial chemicals and dyes including pesticides, herbicides and mustard gas derivatives have been administered to tens of thousands of guinea pig cancer patients resulting in numerous deaths and a long list of nightmarish side effects including kidney and liver failure. In some cases these “drugs” have actually been found to cause cancer. 

Why is it that the World Health Organization ranks US healthcare system, the most expensive on the planet, an abysmal 37th, and a distant 20th based on healthy life expectancy.  Infant mortality rates are on the increase and apparently now exceed those of Cuba.  Immune system indicators are in steady decline from the overuse of antibiotics.  Mortalities from FDA approved drugs taken according to prescription, have become the fourth leading cause of death, roughly four times that from illegal street drugs, and three times the number due to auto accidents. 

This FDA sponsored genocide, amounts to some 1,400,000 victims over the past ten years, clearly indicating that the FDA has run amok from its original mandate of protecting the public. Combined with other avoidable medical deaths due to such things as hospital acquired infections and errors, brings the annual losses to over 250,000 lives.  In a particularly scandalous indictment, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that doctors are among the worst offenders for not washing their hands between patients, performing this simple precaution against infection less than half the time.  The simple historical lessons of Lister and Semmelweis appear to be lost on the bravado of modern techno-medicine, which increasingly has little apparent regard for simple effective methods that show some degree of reverence for the supreme complexities and sacredness of life.

In addition to this horrendous loss of life, adverse and often debilitating reactions to FDA approved drugs account for one quarter of all hospital admissions costing a whopping 5 billion dollars annually in the US alone. What has gone so terribly wrong with North American medicine!?  The FDA, for its part, appears to be far more dedicated to the suppression of inexpensive non-toxic treatments that are clearly viewed as unwelcome competition for expensive patented drugs that frequently just mask symptoms without providing any cure. 

It is particularly sobering to realize that roughly two-thirds of those resigning from the FDA end up with high paying jobs at pharmaceutical companies; the very industry they previously regulated.  This horrendous conflict of interest has essentially transformed the FDA into anti-competition, protection racket for the pharmaceutical cartel that effectively controls them through their blatant revolving door policy and numerous other unethical practices that have contributed to death and suffering on a disturbing scale. 

Healthcare costs have consequently gone through the roof due to the prevalence of high-tech, intense intervention treatments, expensive patented (artificial) drugs and costly diagnostics of dubious benefit.  Despite all the superficial, high-tech glitz and expense, value for money is distinctly lacking in the increasingly inhumane, medical machinery, which can no longer even afford to treat the less fortunate amongst us.  Medical costs have, in fact, out stripped the consumer price index by almost 50 percent leaving many unable to pay the exorbitant fees for a service that is essential to life.

The US medical machine is certainly not alone in this debacle.  The same sad situation is very prevalent in other highly regulated, jurisdictions such as Canada where the whole system is slowly grinding to a halt, and collapsing from within from the abuses of profit driven, pharmaceutical based medicine in an increasingly regulated, socialistic environment that has effectively stifled real innovation and public accountability.

To the sheltered layman, relying on extremely biased and filtered medical news, it may be hard to believe that such high level organizations could act in such a despicable fashion.  Sadly, there has never been any shortage of corruption within the halls of power that increasingly have no firm ethical foundation or moral compass, operating largely within the quagmire of situation ethics, promoted largely by secular Humanists. Hospitals and humanitarian medicine were originally the fruits of authentic Judeo-Christian influence, but the roots and soul of our medical system have nearly died. The prime motive now is little more than the almighty buck and social status. Former FDA commissioner Herbert Ley summed up the corrupt, ethically bankrupt US agency pretty well with this comment;

“The thing that bugs me most is that people think the FDA is protecting them - it isn’t.  What the FDA is doing, and what the public thinks it is doing, are as different as night and day.

Meanwhile, independent researchers backed with copious amounts of practical “living proof” evidence of the therapeutic value of their diverse treatment methods are routinely harassed and persecuted into obscurity for daring to question this arrogant, power mongering white elephant that has driven healthcare costs through the stratosphere.  Numerous promising cures continue to be actively suppressed to protect the vested interests of various branches of the medical monopoly including its regulators which all appear to be in bed together in this conspiracy of suppression and silence.

Despite what condescending academics would have us believe, history clearly shows that the majority of innovation comes from private individuals or small groups often working in modest circumstances.  The history of science is indeed rife with the struggle of truth against the entrenched errors of the existing dogmas.  The present preoccupation with patented poisons, lethal radiation and debilitating surgery is definitely error, which flies in the face of the most basic intuition and logic.  One does not get better by taking poisons, exposing the body to potentially lethal doses of radiation and excising critical tissues and organs invaded by cancer. 

Street level practitioners ought to know better, but my criticism is not aimed so much at them since they are essentially pawns of big-pharma and cogs of an increasingly complex and bewildering medical machine that dictates the present obsession with artificial, synthetic drugs that simply suppress or mask symptoms rather than providing real cures.   Immediate symptomatic relief certainly has its place, for which we can all be thankful, but merely treating the symptoms rarely addresses the underlying causes.  A more fundamental focus on the root cause of the symptoms is what is really needed to provide enduring cures for most diseases including cancer.

Unfortunately, the average doctor has been well brain washed by the system, and intentionally kept in the dark too much the same extent as his patients.  Those brave souls that do begin to question the profiteering cartels and thought police presiding over their professional associations are swiftly encouraged and effectively blackmailed to tow the party line or risk the loss of their medical license leaving them without any means to support themselves.  On the demand side of the equation, Joe Publics insistence on the “quick fix” needs to be tempered substantially and replaced with greater personal responsibility and deeper awareness of the necessity for a more holistic approach to correcting his ailments. 

The existing approach of continuing with long term dependence on costly, artificial drugs with all their indeterminate, and frequently fatal side effects, must be stopped if our health care system is to return to some measure of sanity.  As a case in point, over 55,000 North Americans have knowingly succumbed to heart attacks and strokes caused by the by Merck’s notorious “pain killer”, Vioxx.  Admittedly one of the main issues driving the trend toward toxic, artificial drugs is the lack of intellectual property rights affording by the fundamentally misguided and misappropriated patent system that does not offer any protection for the “creation” of natural formulations.  This would be easily corrected by simply recognizing such pursuits as “creative works of the mind” worthy of the same copyright protection as any other creative or artistic endeavor.

Ultimately, the real blame for this horrendous miscarriage of professional ethics rests almost entirely with the upper level power brokers who perpetuate the symptomatic focus of modern medicine for entirely selfish reasons, using corrupt government regulatory practices to advance their monopolistic purposes, fleecing the public with exorbitant healthcare costs, and providing woefully inadequate services all the while padding their bank vaults with obscene levels of “ill gotten gain”.  There is no mystery to the exorbitant remuneration packages - often amounting to hundreds of millions dollars annually - that are divvied out to fat-cat pharmaceutical executives. 

The result of all this evil, petty nonsense is that one in four North Americans continue to die needlessly of cancer at a rate now exceeding 1,500 persons every day, equivalent to three fully loaded Jumbo jets crashing into a mountain.  Cancer has become a full-blown epidemic with countless lives brought to a bitter and painful end, often after being separated from their life savings, not to mention the great cost to society in general.   With new cases of cancer rapidly escalating world wide, this horrendous suffering must be stopped by whatever ethical means necessary, including civil disobedience against corrupt government agencies and the ridiculous regulations they espouse.

The irony of the US government claiming the moral high ground in the wake of 9/11 is that there is no lack of domestic corruption and evil of disturbing proportions going on amongst silk suited, business executives and power mongering politicians and medicrats who have blessed little real concern for Joe Public in their positions as “civil servants”.  It is an absolute travesty that so called democratic nations priding themselves on freedom, that totalitarian agencies such as these can prevent terminally ill cancer patients from even accessing information, let alone electing for treatments of their own choice.  Despite its subdued nature the ramifications of their collective actions far exceed anything that Usama Bin Laden and his evil cronies have yet managed to dream up.

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